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Dr. Liubov Sichel

The Science Behind Stellar Pet Co.

Nearly twenty years ago, leading microbiologist, Dr. Liubov Sichel, created del-IMMUNE V, the leading non-prescription cell fragment supplement backed by clinical research in the U.S. market, that provides natural immune support.


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CBD Immune Plus™ is a nutritional supplement, in pull-apart capsule form, developed specifically to assist pet owners and veterinarians. CBD or cannabidiol is a substance that is found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its counterpart, THC - which creates a “buzz,” CBD is not a psychoactive stimulant.

Complications such as persistent diarrhea, vomiting and constipation are stressful for both pets and owners. Dietary changes, exposure to environmental stressors, a less than optimal diet, or ingestion of found substances can all contribute to gut issues in animals, leading to a reduction in your pet's health.

Animal anal glands produce a scent that's expressed in their feces and is used for marking their territory. In the wild, animals acquire fiber and essential bacteria to maintain a healthy gut. This contributes to “normal’ bowel habits and minimizes anal gland issues when living in the wild.

My 12 y/o + Chihuahua was dragging his hind leg because it hurt too much to pick it up and plant it with each step. After just a few days using the CBD Colostrum supplement product of Del Immune V, he was able to use that leg normally. That was almost a year ago and he's still going strong. It replaced the "vetprofen" he was taking.

CBD Immune Plus™

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